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Breast Augmentation: Implantation or Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation: Implantation or Fat Transfer

We have heard a lot about breast augmentation or “augmentation mammoplasty” as it is commonly known, this procedure is used to improve the size and shape of the breasts. It has been a very recognized surgery over time, having a low complexity generates good results and its rate of nonconformity is low. There are two ways to perform breast augmentation, you may wonder…. Which are they?

Breast implants or fat transfer

Breast augmentation can be performed in different ways, in this case we will talk about the 2 most used techniques today, such as augmentation with breast implants and augmentation with fat transfer.

Augmentation with breast implants

In this surgical technique we perform breast augmentation with implants, either silicone or saline; but you may ask yourself: What type of implant is best for me? This will depend on the result you want and the size that your body allows, so we recommend you to schedule your assessment consultation with Dr. Mendoza to resolve these doubts. 

Meet some implants: round implants, these will give a circular appearance to your breast with very good projection; ergonomic implants, this type of implant is the one that resembles a little to a natural breast, as it has a water drop shape, which provides a little fall to the breast giving a more natural look; finally, we have high projection implants, as its name suggests this will provide a fairly high projection.

Augmentation with fat transfer

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a surgical technique that was implemented as a result of the extraction of fat from some areas of the body, the fat extracted from liposuction is used and placed in the breasts, providing greater volume and better shape; you should know that if you want this procedure, you need to have a certain amount of adipose tissue in the body to achieve the desired result in your breasts; one of the great benefits of this technique is that you will achieve breasts with a natural appearance.

Time is NOT a problem

Time is a very important factor when entering a surgery, since the shorter the time in the operating room, the less complex it will be. In this case, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that has a short duration of approximately 60 to 90 minutes, and also its result is immediate. These aforementioned advantages make breast augmentation one of the most popular plastic surgeries and performed over time, as they allow personalized, successful results in a short time.

If this is what you have in mind… don’t think twice, Mendoza Plastic Surgery is here to enhance your beauty and build your best version. 

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