Mendoza Plastic Surgery

Surgeries we offer at Mendoza Plastic Surgery

Surgeries we offer at Mendoza Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery and its many benefits

Did you know that many men and women are unhappy with their bodies and that this dissatisfaction can be remedied with the help of the scalpel in most cases? Despite technological advances and the endless information available, the lack of knowledge about plastic surgery and its many benefits is still overwhelming. 

Fortunately, Mendoza Plastic Surgery, your new clinic in Duluth, Atlanta, opens its doors with the most comprehensive portfolio of services, first-class facilities, and, most importantly, exceptional and knowledgeable service where our priority is you. Read on and see what we have in store for you.

Body Surgeries

At Mendoza Plastic Surgery, headed by Dr Mendoza, we are experts in body surgeries that provide solutions to your aesthetic or medical needs with the highest standards.

Choose from Liposuction. It is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among patients and has the best results. It is ideal to define areas with localized fat. Gynecomastectomy, Thighplasty, Buttock Augmentation with Transfer, and Abdominoplasty, one the favorites of women who, after giving birth, want to get rid of excess fat and skin and regain their figure.  

Breast Surgery 

Another of the specialties of the #1 Duluth clinic, Mendoza Plastic Surgery, is breast surgery. Whether it’s breast reduction, augmentation, breast lift, or breast enhancement, Dr Mendoza and his team of experts have the right surgery for you. 

Choose from Breast Reduction, Mastopexy, Body Fat Breast Augmentation, and Breast Augmentation with Implants.

Facial Surgeries

Why look tired and aged when we have the best surgical procedures to turn back the clock and correct what we don’t like? Choose from Liposuction and Neck Lift, Chin Implant, Lip Lift, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Rhytidoplasty. Also known as Facelift, it is among the top cosmetic surgeries for its dramatic and long-lasting results.

Say hello to the new you with the best in plastic surgery procedures! Book your appointment with Dr Mendoza and receive the best-personalized advice.

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