Thighplasty, also known as a thigh lift, is a procedure to improve the appearance of this body area. During surgery, excess skin and fat are removed from the thighs, and the remaining skin is reshaped and tightened to achieve a firmer, more toned contour. The goal is to achieve thighs that are more proportionate and harmonious with the rest of the body.

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate for Thighplasty is someone with excess skin and fat in the thighs, usually due to significant weight loss, aging, or genetics. It is also suitable for patients with flabby or sagging thighs who wish to improve their appearance.

Recovery Process

During thigh lift recovery, swelling, tenderness, and discomfort in the area can be expected. Compression garments are necessary to reduce swelling and aid in healing and rest for the first two weeks, avoiding strenuous physical activity.


Moderate sedation


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Frequently Asked Questions

01. How long will it take to recover after a Thighplasty fully?
Full recovery can vary depending on the extent of the procedure and the individual patient's response. Generally, it will take four to six weeks for swelling and bruising to subside and for the tissues to heal completely. Entire physical exercise and return to normal activities may take several months.
02. Will the Thighplasty leave visible scars?
Yes, Thighplasty will leave scars. However, to minimize their visibility, incisions will be made in strategic areas, such as the natural thigh crease areas. Over time, the scars tend to fade, which will make them less visible. It is essential to follow the postoperative recommendations for better healing.
03. When will I be able to resume my normal daily activities after Thighplasty?
The ability to resume normal daily activities after Thighplasty will vary depending on individual recovery and the nature of the activities. In general, it is recommended that strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting be avoided for the first few weeks. Returning to work and other activities will depend on the patient's progress.


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