Mendoza Plastic Surgery

Mendoza Plastic Surgery, your new plastic surgery clinic in Atlanta

Mendoza Plastic Surgery, your new plastic surgery clinic in Atlanta

When undergoing a cosmetic procedure, choosing the right medical center is critical. That is why, with great excitement and pride, we open the doors of Mendoza Plastic Surgery, your new plastic surgery clinic in Atlanta. A clinic with the latest in plastic surgery techniques and cosmetic treatments committed to the well-being of our patients.

Dr Mendoza, a board-certified plastic surgeon and specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the company of a highly qualified team, opens Mendoza Plastic Surgery, the leading medical center in Duluth, Georgia. Focused on comprehensive care, it is, without a doubt, your trusted clinic.

We are different

Excellence, transparency, and responsibility towards the patient are the three pillars that make us different. More than procedures, we offer a wellness experience reflected in the best results.

With an exceptional group of professionals, Mendoza Plastic Surgery is the bilingual medical center in Atlanta that understands your needs and language! We know that clear and effective communication makes a difference, so we ensure you can express yourself and fully understand the entire process in your language.

The confidence in making the best decision

At Mendoza Plastic Surgery, the most important thing is your health and well-being. With the highest standards, we offer our patients complete support from the first appointment, providing honest and accurate information that gives them the confidence that they are making the best decision.

The wait is over! Mendoza Plastic Surgery, your plastic surgery clinic in Atlanta, is a reality. Experience the power of plastic surgery at your service from an expert. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr Mendoza, Welcome the new you!

Mendoza Plastic Surgery

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